Automatic Awnings

Keep your home cool and comfortable with our automatic awnings. These high-tech awnings can be programmed to extend or retract at the touch of a button based on sunlight and temperature. Made with weather-resistant aluminum and acrylic fabric, our awnings provide UV protection, shade your rooms, and help regulate temperatures. Let our automatic awnings do the work for you.

Automatic Awnings For The Ultimate Comfort

Welcome the perfect balance of shade and sunlight into your home with our automatic awnings. Our awnings are designed and constructed with durability in mind. By minimal adjustments throughout the day based on the sun’s movement and light conditions, our technologically advanced awnings create the ideal outdoor environment no matter the season. Let our automatic awnings seamlessly control shade and sunlight for you. Relax and enjoy your patio or deck with effortless comfort and protection from the elements.

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Automatic Awning
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We bring delightful furnishings right to your doorstep that suit any decor and ambiance.


  • Years of experience providing high-quality window treatments
  • Worked with 1000s of clients and produced great results
  • Well aware-of all technical details and potential obstacles


  • Professional measuring and installation services
  • Excellent customer service and satisfaction are guaranteed
  • Convenient in-home design consultations


  • Wide selection of styles and fabrics to suit any decor
  • Customised styles that truly reflect your aesthetic sense
  • Each of our works has a style and vibe of its own


  • Competitive pricing and special discounts are available¬†
  • Committed to using Australian made products.¬†
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