Home Automation

Make your home smarter and more convenient with our home automation solutions. Our motorized shades, blinds, and drapes can be programmed to open and close at set times each day or in response to sunlight, temperature, and other conditions in your home. Control them easily with a smartphone app, voice assistant, or integration into your whole-home automation system.

Home Automation Solutions For Perfect Living

Our home automation service allows you to perfectly customize and control your home environment with automated smart devices that promote comfort, convenience, entertainment, security, and efficiency. Our company specializes in installing integrated home automation to turn houses into responsive smart homes. With customized motorized window coverings, you can program the perfect lighting and temperature adjustments throughout the day and enhance privacy when desired. Use voice commands or touchscreens to control temperature, security systems, appliances, and more.

Home Automation Canberra

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Why Choosing Us Is The Right Choice

We bring delightful furnishings right to your doorstep that suit any decor and ambiance.


  • Years of experience providing high-quality window treatments
  • Worked with 1000s of clients and produced great results
  • Well aware-of all technical details and potential obstacles


  • Professional measuring and installation services
  • Excellent customer service and satisfaction are guaranteed
  • Convenient in-home design consultations


  • Wide selection of styles and fabrics to suit any decor
  • Customised styles that truly reflect your aesthetic sense
  • Each of our works has a style and vibe of its own


  • Competitive pricing and special discounts are available¬†
  • Committed to using Australian made products.¬†
  • Price quotation is free and just a click away