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The Power Of Bumph And Interlining Curtains

If you consider anything staple to your interior design, then the curtains stand out. They serve both aesthetic and functional means. Curtains made of Bumph fabrics and their interlining placements come with their own set of perks among the numerous options of curtains available in the market today. These forms of drapes and curtains are more about adding to the decor of a room while offering an entire range of a practical set of perks boosting comfort, home’s ambiance, and energy efficiency.

In our post today, we will explore the curtains made out of bumph fabrics, epitomizing their real potential and benefits, making them worthwhile investments for your home.

About The Bumph Curtains

Bumph curtains refer to the style of curtain fabric that incorporates a few more layers between the interlining. Generally, bumph fabrics are made of wool or cotton, adding to the notable weight and bulk of these curtains. The additional layer transforms ordinary curtains into something highly functional and elegant.

Typically, the bumph curtains’ interlining placement includes an additional fabric layer between the decor lining and fabric. The main aim of the interlining is to enhance the curtains’ thermal and sound properties, along with their aesthetics and drape. The bumph and its placement in between the interlining for the curtains are specifically thicker, being used to create a highly abundant and fuller appearance.

The Versatility of Bumph Curtains

Enhanced Insulation

On the other hand, in summer, curtains made of bumphs are useful in preventing heat from penetrating the room. These kinds of curtains control heat by shading the sun from the windows and insulating it, hence lowering the temperatures inside the houses thus the need for an air conditioner. Its double use of space makes bumph curtains now a cost-effective option for covering as they help in savings on lighting and hence the emission of light energy.

Otherwise, during hot periods of summer, these window curtains may assist in reducing the infiltration of heat into the rooms. It also blinds the rays of sun from coming in while insulating windows with curtains that keep cooler temperatures indoors, reducing the use of air conditioning. The two-in-one use of these curtains indicates the option as the best energy saving that would help in cutting down on the bills and carbon dioxide emissions.

Improved Soundproofing

Apart from insulation, these curtains prove to be best for sound-proofing purposes as well. The interlining material is thick and acts as a soundproof, while at the same time keeping out all the outside noise. This is particularly appropriate for homes located near noisy places like close to busy roads, airports, and the like. The increase in the soundproof level ensures a much improved acoustic building environment that promotes relaxation and sleep.

In the other rooms of the home such as the home theaters or the other several music rooms, these kinds of curtains can work well in helping to trap the sound, therefore it cannot be outputted to the other parts of the home. When blended, the curtains would be the best option for people wanting to design scenes that afford privacy and less noise.

Luxurious Aesthetics

Besides these uses, these curtains ensure that the area earns a professional look that everyone would appreciate. The incorporation of these interlinings will be beneficial for the curtains as they will be much thicker to allow the curtains to look fuller and more beautiful. They were designed to look best hung with the rolled and draped material that gives off an air of sophistication. Extra weight on the curtains will also serve the purpose of ensuring that the curtains do not just ‘hang’ but will remain anchored on the windows, which gives them an appealing look and eliminates the flimsiness of other light curtains.

Light Control and Privacy

These curtains would often excel in controlling light while ensuring privacy. The thicker bumph fabrics and their interlining placements would block out the sun’s rays, making them the perfect addition across different rooms. It is a specific feature that is beneficial for individuals working across the night shifts as they can sleep peacefully during the day.

Furthermore, curtains offer the best privacy. The denser fabric effectively prevents outsiders from peeking into the home while creating a private space. They are mainly essential for rooms on the ground floor or homes that are located closer to the public areas and neighbors.


The real potential of curtains made with bumph fabric remains with a different set of perks. They render better insulation, enhanced soundproofing, and more. So, are you prepared to bring a change to your living space with elegant luxury and better functionality? Check out our platform, Elite, for expertly made curtains or window blinds such as roller blinds, vertical blinds, and more. Contact us now!