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Winter-Ready Windows: Best Blinds for a Snug and Insulated Home

When the weather turns colder every moment, you will surely start noticing the chills inside your home. To stay warm and cosy in the Australian winters, you can turn up the heating. But you can hardly feel the warmth as heat starts escaping from your home due to the lack of insulation. However, installing the best blinds on your windows can deliver a lot of help in retaining the heat inside. It can mean that you can turn down your heating to save a bit of money on your energy bills.

Therefore, when you are planning to buy the right window blinds for winter, understand the main role of the different types of blinds available and how they help keep your home insulated.

Best Blinds for Insulation

To help you pick the best blinds for insulation, we have made the following list featuring the top insulated window blinds. When choosing one, check out its insulation benefits, ease of installation, affordability, and aesthetic appeal.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the best in terms of retaining heat and maintaining the optimal level of temperature inside your home. They are made out of layers of thermal material and are effective in preventing heat loss. They are even efficient with the double-glazing property. The ready-made blinds will leave smaller gaps through which air would often escape and it is not best for insulation.

If you are in search of the blind offering the best insulation, then try choosing the made-to-measure blinds by considering all the required factors. There is no room for any air escape on the top, sides, or bottom as they are measured accurately and are custom-built. It is the ideal pick that helps to make your home energy efficient.

Honeycomb Blind

These blinds come in honeycomb patterns and are considered cellular shades. The honeycomb blinds offer the best insulation along with the added benefit of light controls and privacy. They are made from the translucent thin fabric that welcomes the external light into the room.

The cells in these blinds come in various size options. Their main function is to create air pockets and reduce the loss of heat with the help of conduction and convection. The blinds can reduce the energy costs of your home.

Solar Blinds

The blinds are the best in terms of absorbing heat and blocking out the sunlight since it is made of tightly woven sheer materials. These are specifically installed within the sunrooms. Solar blinds are the best in terms of retaining heat within the room in the winter months, and they are best to minimise the temperature of the room during summer. Solar blinds offer energy efficiency and reduce energy bills. These are a few of its major benefits.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds with thermal fabric material help you regulate the indoor temperature if you have larger windows or patio doors. The blinds are made out of fabrics that block the passage of light and allow airflow. It makes them the perfect choice for rooms that get plenty of light. The vertical blinds come in different patterns, colours, designs, and sizes.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds have attained a lot of fame for combining elegance with practicality. The blinds do not allow the heat from the inside to escape. Therefore, they make the best choice for winter window blinds. You will have a great option of choosing from a massive range of colours and patterns that match your interior and render a stylish twist. You can pair these blinds with thick and push curtains to add a different feeling. Always select heavier fabric for your blind, as it can prevent the heat from escaping.

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are yet another option you can consider buying if you are searching to retain the heat in your home during the winter. These are made out of numerous thick materials. You can find these blinds, including the roller, vertical, and conservatory styles, in various ranges of colours and designs.

The blackout blinds are the ideal option for the thermal blinds. You can opt for the complete blackout roller blind that is made out of a single piece of fabric to experience a greater effect. It is recommended to pick from several deeper tones, including purple, muted brown, and soft grey, adding a feeling of warmth.

Venetian Blinds

It is the blind that overlaps the horizontal slats. Ropes delimit these slats, and they enable you to open and close the blinds, adjusting the right amount of light to enter the room. The blades rotate 180 degrees. If you are in search of an elegant and practical design, then the Venetian blinds are the ideal choice. These kinds of blinds arrive in different types of materials like metal and wood Venetian blinds.


If you want your home to be comfortable all around the year, then proper insulation against the elements is necessary. The best way to enhance insulation in your home is by choosing the best blinds. Ensure installation of the blinds is done with the help of the right window furnishing partner.

Elite Window Furnishings, brings a massive collection of durable custom-made blinds. These will help reduce your energy costs and add a snug fit to your room. Shop the right one to stay warm and comfortable this winter!